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 Unit 2 Objective and Activities

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PostSubject: Unit 2 Objective and Activities   Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:21 am

Unit 2 – Lifespan Development Theory


To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

  1. Identify the important theories, paradigms, research findings, and conclusions within the study of human lifespan development.
  2. Explore developmental theories and their relevance to real-life applications.
  3. Relate knowledge of theory and research in lifespan development to personal behavior and values.
  4. Use professional grammar, punctuation, and mechanics in presentations and communications regarding lifespan development.

Learning Activities

u02s1 Studies

Unit 2 Activities Overview

Launch Overview |

Lifespan Development Theories Crossword Puzzle

Launch Puzzle |


  • Click Launch Overview to listen to the Unit 2 Activities Overview. Dr. Nancy Longo describes the study activities for this unit.
  • Click Launch Puzzle to complete the Lifespan Development Theories Crossword Puzzle. Use this activity as a study guide to prepare you for the quiz you will complete at the end of this unit.

Read each unit checklist at the start of each week and use it however it will be most helpful for you.

Read Chapter 2, "Theories of Development," pages 25–53 in the Boyd and Bee text.

u02s2 Informational Interview Preparation

For your course project, you will develop a paper that explores an
area of lifespan development that applies to your professional goals,
or a specific area of lifespan development that interests you. You will
conduct an informational interview with a lifespan development
professional, and conduct extensive research pertaining to the area of
lifespan development you have selected. Capella's Career Center offers
excellent resources to help you formulate and conduct an informational
interview. View the Informational Interviewing presentation linked in
the Resources below to get started.

The first assignment for your course project, due in Unit 4, is to
identify the lifespan development professional you plan to interview.
Read the u04a1 Informational Interview assignment and its scoring guide
to begin preparing for this assignment. In this unit, you should begin
the process of identifying the person you will interview so that you
can draft questions for that interview.

For your Unit 4 assignment, you will need to include the following:

  • The area of lifespan development you will explore for the course project.
  • Your rationale for selecting that area.
  • Information about the lifespan development professional you will interview, including:

    • The professional's job title and brief description.
    • The company the professional is associated with.
    • An explanation for why you believe this person is appropriate for your interview.
    • How you located this person.

  • A list of questions you plan to ask and a rationale for each.


u02q1 Unit 2 Quiz

Quiz Description: In this unit, you have been
introduced to the theories associated with the study of lifespan
development. This multiple-choice quiz will gauge your understanding of
the material presented in the second unit of this course. The quiz
provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your mastery of the
following course competency:

  • Assess the important theories, paradigms, research findings and conclusions in lifespan development (Competency 2).

Directions: There are twenty multiple-choice
questions based on the content covered in Unit 2. Please answer each
question by selecting the letter to the left of the response that best
answers the question posed. Below is a list of additional quiz

  • You may only take the quiz once.
  • This activity is not timed, but once you submit your responses, you have completed the quiz.
  • The quiz will be available to you from the beginning of Unit 2 until the end of Unit 2 (Sunday, 11:59 p.m. CST).
  • Your score is automatically recorded in the instructor's grade book upon completion of the quiz.
  • Your score and the correct answers will be accessible to you after the quiz is completed and recorded.

To start the quiz:

  • Click Unit 2 Quiz on the left navigation bar of the courseroom.
  • Once you have read the Instructions and Troubleshooting page, click Begin Assessment.
  • If you have any issues with the quiz, contact your instructor by courseroom mail.


u02d1 Lifespan Development Theories

In this unit, you have studied
multiple theories related to lifespan development. For this discussion,
select at least two theories and analyze them by applying the theories
to your life, or to someone you know.

  • Do you feel these theories accurately represent your development or that of the person you have selected? Why or why not?
  • Do you feel these theories have helped you to more fully understand your personal developmental experiences?
In your answer, include the following:

  • Either: Refer to and integrate ideas presented in
    the text and supplemental information. Cite the textbook at least twice
    within your discussion.
  • Or: Cite at least one scholarly resource from the
    Capella library to support your discussion. Do not use Internet Web
    sites such as Wikipedia.
Follow APA style rules for citing references.
You will be evaluated on how well you can demonstrate that you
understand the ideas presented throughout the unit, including assigned
readings, discussions, media and independent research. You will also be
evaluated on the quality of your work—its academic rigor, how well it
shows your ability to think critically, and how completely it covers
the discussion topic. Refer to the Discussion Participation Scoring
Guide in the Resources below to learn how your discussions will be

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least two
other learners in a manner that advances the discussion in a meaningful
way. Your response is expected to be substantive in nature and to
reference the assigned readings, as well as other theoretical,
empirical, or professional literature to support your views. Cite your
sources using APA style.


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Unit 2 Objective and Activities
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