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 Unit 1 - Overview

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PostSubject: Unit 1 - Overview   Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:50 am

Week 1, Unit 1 Overview

I want to provide you with an overview of the activities for the first week of the course.
Each week, I will post an overview to the unit discussion area, so
prior to beginning work on a unit, please be sure to review my overview.
There is a Unit Introduction and Objectives and Activities for every
unit of the course. Please make
sure that you read these at the beginning of each week to ensure that
you understand what will be expected of you each week and to ensure that
you complete all of the required activities for the week.

The first requirement as you begin the course this
week is to select the “Required-Start Here on First Day” from the link
on the homepage. You will review
the course syllabus, review and reply to the statements in my Faculty
Expectation Statement and post an introduction to the “Introduce
Yourself” discussion. For this discussion, post an introduction of yourself, so we can all get to know you better.

Each week, you will begin the unit activities by going to the learning unit and completing all of the studies. Once you have completed all of the studies in the learning unit, you will then be ready to participate in the unit activities.
This first week is a very busy week, as you have the first requirements
and the unit activities to complete (1 quiz, 3 discussions and 3
responses). Therefore, be sure to plan your week and try to start with enough time to complete everything on time. The Unit 1 quiz will cover “Basic Research Concepts and Methods, Theory, and Research Strategies.
The discussion will cover Lifespan Development in general, Nature
(genetics) and Nurture (environment), and Lifespan Development Research
Theories. Be
sure to respond to the entire discussion question, apply what you have
read in the textbook using APA style guidelines, offer some critical
thought about the material (what is it asking you to believe and what
may be another way to explain it), and respond to at least two fellow

In order to extend the dialogue in the discussion,
which is a part of the grading rubric for discussions, your main post
should be posted no later than midnight on Thursday. You will then have until Sunday to interact with other learners and elaborate on your posts.
I review all discussion posts to make sure that you have understood the
discussion and will post to your discussion post if I feel that it
needs additional elaboration, so please be sure to always check back
into the discussion for feedback from me and also feedback from other
learners, so you can continue the dialogue between learners to build a
community of practice. For each discussion question, you should respond to at least two other learner's responses to the discussion question. All assignments posted to the assignment box are due by midnight Sunday.

I want you to know that I will be here to support you, so please don’t hesitate to ask me questions. There is a question thread in the General Discussion area that you can post questions to. If you prefer to ask questions in private, please feel free to send me a coursemail. I am also available by phone, so you are free to contact me if you want to talk through issues or concerns. If you need to call please email me and let me know the best time for you.

E-mail: corey.teague@faculty.capella.edu

I wish you all well this quarter and the quarters to come. For now, relax and enjoy the course!

Dr. Corey M. Teague

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Female Number of posts : 618
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Registration date : 2008-04-22

PostSubject: Re: Unit 1 - Overview   Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:14 am


In the Boyd and Bee text, Lifespan Development, read Chapter 1, "Basic Concepts and Methods," pages 2–23.

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Unit 1 - Overview
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